Re-Creation Services

Re-Creation Services

Museum-quality, textured reproductions you can enjoy at home

Maximize the safe-keeping and enjoyment of your art collection, with Arius Technology’s fine art reproduction services. Trusted by world class museums, Arius safely digitizes and re-creates the geometry, colour and brushstrokes of original masterpieces. Arius has scanned works from Monet, Van Gogh and other masters for museums; the technology has even scanned the Mona Lisa.

Working directly with Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre, the digitization process starts in the safety of our facilities, with a dedicated processing room located within our Luxembourg facility. Our art handlers work directly with Arius’ Art Engineers to prepare and load artwork for digitization, during which the surface of the original painting never needs to be touched – thanks to Arius’ pioneering laser technology.

Once your painting has been digitized, Arius Technology will process the data for use with revolutionary printing technologies. This results in high-fidelity, textured reproductions that replicate brushstrokes and the relief of the original painting.

Together, we offer the world’s leading solution for collectors who wish to safely store artwork, without comprising on admiring a piece wherever you are in the world.

Re-Create Your Collection

  • Museum quality, world leading reprographic technology
  • Copyright clearance is taken care of
  • A dedicated processing room at LE-FREEPORT maximizes safety
  • Art handling is taken care of by Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre’s experienced art handlers
  • Durable, high fidelity re-creations that can be enjoyed in multiple venues

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