3D Digital Archiving

3D Digital Archiving

3D digital archiving

Maximize the potential of your collection with 3D Digital Archiving

In collaboration with Arius Technology, our digital fingerprinting service allows you to create a digital archive of your precious paintings. This priceless data can be utilized to help preserve the world’s cultural heritage, effectively building a cultural seed bank for generations to come.

Arius’ Digital Archiving service safely records the geometry and colour of every brushstroke, to detail as fine as one tenth of a human hair.

With technology originating from a research project of the Mona Lisa, Arius is a world leader in 3D digitization for restoration and conservation. Arius has worked closely with conservators at the National Gallery of Canada to help restore and preserve works by some of the world’s most loved artists. More recently, Arius is working with the TATE to liberate masterpieces from their vaults.

With on-site digitization platforms based at Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre’s facilities at LE FREEPORT in Luxembourg, we can now offer collectors the opportunity to maximize the potential of their collection.

Worry-free Digital Archiving

  • Convenient, on-site facilities and expert staff maximize safety and minimize handling
  • Scientifically precise, complex data sets
  • Digital back up for your entire collection
  • State-of-the-art system maps both colour and geometry
  • Next-level data for conservation and restoration experts
  • License or donate data to publishers, museums, or exhibitors
  • Re-Create your masterpiece to enjoy in your home

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