About us


We share our customers’ passion for their artworks. When the time comes to ship an item, so comes our time to make the customers feel at ease. Transport risks such as frequent handling, unexpected waiting times or long shipping distances can increase the likelihood of damage to the artwork.

We can minimize these risks thanks to the ideal location of our fine art storage at LE FREEPORT. We are situated in the heart of Europe with a direct access to the European highway network. The travel distance to fairs, exhibitions and auctions is greatly reduced and the inherent risks of transport therefore much more manageable.

Our Values

Our mission is to preserve the valuables our customers hold dear for future generations. To reach this goal, we build on our core values of expert knowledge, Swiss precision and reliability.

We will also take great care to provide our customers with the best solutions to their art logistics challenges and make sure that our customers’ artworks, collection cars, fine wines and precious metals are transported and stored according to our industry’s best principles.

Through a combination of experience, expertise, careful preparation and professional advice we proudly provide art logistics at the highest level.

Our commitments

  • Passion for excellence
  • Unmatched expertise
  • Active Listening